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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

But can they stop Godzilla?

There a general election at the end of the month here in Japan so the parties are busy running around trying to show how on top of things they are and how they have every possible contingency covered in their little policy books. Naturally, the papers have been full of policy stuff for weeks, much of it pretty vague and dry, but I did find this little nugget of awesome at the bottom of a very long article on defense policy in today's Daily Yomiuri:

One of the major policies proposed by New Party Nippon is to reorganize the SDF and launch a study to establish an organization--tentatively called "The Thunderbird Squad"--geared toward international assistance.

Sadly, the article did not elaborate or reveal whether New Party Nippon is favor of granting the Tracy family Japanese citizenship.

Sure, they are good at international rescue, but can they handle Godzilla?

Maybe they would be better off following the example of the last elected Japanese Prime Minister Junichro Koizumi and Calling Elvis.


cl zoomer said...

Japan AND the Tracys have co-opted the Thunderbird? Having been born and raised in the valley where it is (was) famous, I doth protest!


Anonymous said...


Top 10 guitarist...I'd have to put Mark up there near the top.


the rev. paperboy said...

Knopfler would definitely be in my top ten, maybe even my top five just on the tastiness of his licks alone.