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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The 2nd Amendment means never having to say you're sorry

I know many states have "castle" laws (as in "a man's home is his") that allow residents to shoot anyone trespassing on their property that they feel is a threat to them for any reason without facing murder or manslaughter charges, but what if you shoot someone you thought was a burglar and it turns out to be your live-in fiance?

Better safe than sorry, I guess. It could have been some junkie trying to steal his big screen TV.


Anonymous said...

Might be more convenient if it was, let's say, a spouse of 20 (seems like a lifetime...could have been out with good behaviour by now) years. Let's see how many of those cases start to show up. Guess it dependes on the outcome of this one first.


democommie said...

Mr. Rev. Paperboy, Sir:

If she had been packing, they'd be on their honeymoon, or being laid to rest side by side. Guns don't kill people; fucking idiots with guns kill people.

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