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Thursday, October 01, 2009

weekend uke blogging- extra long jamming edition

Once upon a time I worked as a coop student at IBM in Don Mills, but since apartments were very expensive in Toronto, I lived on the couch of some friends of mine. One was a serious musician studying double bass at the University of Toronto and lugging his huge stand up bass back and forth on the subway. Another was studying geography at Ryerson, was an awesome bluegrass guitar picker and did 200 pushup every night, no matter how may beers he'd had. The third was not ending classes by this point but was spending his time chain-smoking, teaching himself the banjo, drinking vast amounts of neo-citran and reading and then burning Stephen King novels as a way of training himself to become a writer. I paid rent by buying dinner once a week. Much to the considerable annoyance of the people downstairs, we painted slogans on the wall in the hallway, often used the floor for an ashtray, had a temporarily homeless sound engineer friend sleeping under the kitchen table a couple of nights a week, and listened to a lot of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Charlie Mingus and especially Neil Young. We also played a lot of bluesgrass together, drank a lot of beer (and neo-citran until the corner store wouldn't sell it to us anymore) together and wailed a lot of loud Neil Young jams together.

Ah, those were the days.

First, the original:

And then, the cover - dig the awesome uke solos and as a bonus the singer looks and sounds like a skinnier me

extra non-uke bonus jamming from the jammies (Grace Potter and Joe Satriani - hoo-ah!)


Anonymous said...

That is just freakin' uncanny how that singer looks and sounds like you!

I'm sure the table in front of the singer has looked alot like your kitchen table used to...every once and a while.


Unknown said...

nah, not enough bottles

David Webb said...

3 things (my brain is working in list form tonight)...

1)Clones are upsetting, even if they sing well

2)Not enough empty bottles

3)A few years back I took guitar lessons. When asked to bring in the stuff I was playing, the instructor looked at my books and said "Oh god, not Neil Young!" Fucker.