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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Joe Lieberman

Senator, I've been talking to a lot of liberals lately, especially liberal bloggers and we all agree. We are convinced that we must at cost stop senators from Connecticut from walking blindfolded across expressways, sleeping on railroad tracks and drinking bleach. All of us liberals agree that you must not do these things and that by not doing these things you will make us all very happy. Also, we firmly oppose senators playing Russian roulette. We feel it is an abomination and something that should never, ever be allowed, especially for members of the Senate. Please Joe, stay away from Russian roulette, don't ever put a round in the revolver, spin the cylinder, put the muzzle to your temple and pull the trigger. Never do that, it will make all us Liberals so very, very sad. And please Joe, stop smoking in bed, especially after sloshing kerosene around the room. We liberals further demand that you never, ever shower with a toaster or go swimming with your anvil collection. Don't do it Joe! It will really piss off the liberals if you do, especially the bloggers.

Your pal
Rev. Paperboy

P.S. If you really wanted to drive us liberal crazy Joe, you could give all your money to the homeless and then go from bed to bed in hospitals across the United States apologizing to people for making sure they won't ever be able to afford decent health care. Boy, that would sure teach us liberal bloggers a lesson. We'd just hate that.


Dave said...


Over on that FaceBook thingy, I posted a video link in honor of President Lieberman: Elvis Costello singing “Brilliant Mistake”:

He thought he was the king of America
Where they pour Coca-Cola just like vintage wine
Now I try hard not to become hysterical,
But I’m not sure if I’m laughing or I’m crying …

I thought it fit the situation rather nicely.


Unknown said...

an excellent choice!

West End Bob said...

'Ya know, I couldn't stand that guy when he was running with Al Gore back in 2000.

He's gone downhill ever since, and yet the dems keep kissin' his ass.

Those fleas they've got are self-inflicted . . . .