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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Lost Supper

Normally, I'm not one to promote network television shows, but this made me laugh and I like the show -- despite its faults, its still one of the best written things on television.


democommie said...

Dear Mr. the Rev. Paperboy, Sir:

It is a serial, I hate serials.

When I was a kid, I was just young enough to miss the serials that would run at the local theater before the feature. Then, of course along came the comics books. DC was bad enough, but Marvel took the addiction experience to a whole 'nother place.

I don't got me no teevee nohow, but if'n I did I would never watch re-runs, which--btw--includes the nightly newsotainment shows.

the rev. paperboy said...

Dear Herr Dr. Prof. Democommie, Sir:
I am of two minds about serials. Some, like Lost or The Wire, I enjoy due to way the writers interweave the episodic nature of the program and the longer story arcs and long term character development. Others, like 24 or Prison Break, become tiresome quickly as they insist on trying for cheap cliff-hangers at the end of every episode and too often violate any sort of internal logical consistency in favor of "shocking" plot twists anyone paying attention can see coming a mile away.
Newsotainment and infotainment and the horrible oxymoronic "celebrity news" -thinly veiled regurgitation of the press releases put out by the publicists of publicity whores - are a big part of what is wrong with television today. DVDs are the way to go.