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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play it again, comrade

Michael Moriarity, while a decent actor, is well known to be a bit squirrelly. He has apparently stopped taking his medication or something and gone full-on, bull-goose, don't-make-eye-contact-as-you-back-away-from-him looney. Here, he has an extended conversation with the voices in his head about why "Casablanca" is communist propaganda and how this explains why the United States is now a communist workers republic.
No, really, he says that and more, oh so much more.


Shinigami Kayo said...

My god..like..he has the whole thing figured out?!

The Illumninati won't be happy.
Nor the masons. I can think of several really secret organizations who must be scared of the further truths Micheal will reveal.

I can't imagine why he was not elected for office... oh yeah, the people couldn't stop laughing in order to make an x.

But your right, he is a good actor.

stevewoodsteel said...

Adam would not stand for this.