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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very early Friday Uke blogging- a commission by an old friend

This is the splendiferous Rayne, the daughter (!!!!) of an old drinking buddy from the Sault. The sound quality is a bit rough, but the mountains of raw talent more than make up for it.
And yes, there are those who know me as Bernice -- it's a long story, but don't get your hopes up, it has nothing to do with surgery or cross dressing.

Sound quality issues aside, I have one other problem with this video and that is Rayne herself. She claims to be the daughter of an old friend of mine know as "Fish" and this whole thing sounds "fishy" ( you see what I did there?). Without meaning any disrespect for Rayne and not wanting to sound creepy and dirtyoldmanish - She is gorgeous as well as talented. My point being, she's way too pretty to be Fish's daughter. Also, Fish and I used to make fools of ourselves trying to meet girls like who looked like her, so clearly she is too old to be Fish's daughter, because if she is his daughter that would make him old. And if he's old, that would make me old. And that is just not going to happen.
Whomever's daughter she is, we hope Rayne makes her dad buy her a new microphone so she can make more uke videos.

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Anonymous said...


If you note, I have been refraining from using that moniker during any comments I've sent. I guess the floodgates are open? (For a short time any way.)

I remember meeting Rayne for the first time, I think she was three days old. Where does the time go? Fish is going to have to start beating them off with a big stick...if it hasn't started already.

And Rayne, if your reading this anytime soon...excellent job. Looking forward to the next post.