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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dealing with the bullshit

Attention University of Ottawa students: This is how you handle a public speech by a member of the conservative noise machine. Rather than give them an excuse to cancel and whinge about "being silenced" by mean liberals and "having their right to free speech violated" because they cancelled their own speech, lie low and get inside for the actual speech. Then call them on their lies.

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove was heckled and ultimately forced off stage at a book signing in Beverly Hills by protesters who called him a "war criminal" and told him that he'd "ruined the country."
And speaking of how to deal with bullshit - go here and throw a few bucks toward the family of  Matthew Snyder, a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was picketed by the people who put the mental in fundamentalist, the Westboro Baptist Church. Snyder's family sued the Phelps clan for intentional infliction of emotional pain etc etc and won the first round, but after a successful appeal by the church, have been ordered to pay about $16,000 in court costs.

Also, as of today I no longer work for the ministry of truth Daily Yomiuri, so there you can now look forward to a lot more Japanese news and commentary on Japanese media here. Those fond of word game and puzzles may search out my farewell message buried in this.


Skal said...

free at last, free at last, thank dog almighty, free at last :)

David said...

Yay! Unfiltered news of the crazy people (well, not really crazy, just so different)! I'm looking forward to it Rev.

David said...

"Those fond of word game and puzzles may search out my farewell message buried in this."

Are you serious, or is it April 1st where you are? Wait, it is, isn't it.

Rev.Paperboy said...

last eight grafs

David said...

Clever. I almost got made at my stupid brain, but then I put away the Enigma and just figured it out. Clever indeed.

Did you ever read the Sports Illustrated piece on Sidd Finch? Fooled me.

Tom said...

I can only describe that editorial on recommended uses for revised school textbooks as...