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Sunday, March 21, 2010

One for all, and all for one

If you look up "swashbucker" in an online dictionary, this is the movie they should link to. Queens, kings, cardinals, rogues, duels, damsels in distress, derring-do, intrigue, action, comedy - Michael York, Oliver Reed, Charlton Heston, Christopher Frickin' Lee as the greatest bad guy ever, Raquel Welch and Faye Dunaway at the peak of their gorgeousness --Spike Milligan for cryin' out loud --  and a screenplay by George MacDonald Fraser of "Flashman" fame. All directed by Richard "Hard Day's Night, Help, How I Won The War, Robin & Marian, Superman" Lester. It's possible that this is not the greatest movie ever made, but what more could you possibly ask for?

And the Alexandre Dumas catchphrase that sums up my philosophy of friendship and civic duty and probably got me started down the path to being the proud commie pinko I am today.

For the impatient, the fight with the Cardinal's Guards about 13 minutes in is the something I could watch again and again and again, and have.

Press play, press pause and then go make yourself some popcorn while the buffer fills.

and the second half - The Four Musketeers.

and there goes your Sunday afternoon. You're welcome.

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