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Monday, March 15, 2010

On a personal note...

After nine years in the same job, I'm about to get the financial debriefing lecture that comes before my "early retirement" at the tender age of 43. I've been obsessively rereading the complete works of the greatest author of the 20th century all weekend and listening to a lot of Warren Zevon, who is in my not so humble or unschooled opinion, a goddamn genius.


Owen Gray said...

Please accept my condolences. Many of us have been there -- but at not such a tender age.

Let's hope that in a tough economy your hiatus won't last long.

Suzan said...

Got your back, friend.

14 years at Westinghouse, I was the last professional manager (really, the rest were just a bunch of horses' asses either related to someone in power or the thieves behind the sale of the company in pieces for the moolah involved in going out of business) laid off before the final sale - at 42.

That was a very long time ago and ever since, having been overqualified for everything else available in our known world, unable to get a job in any technical field - with over 20 years experience in both hardware and software (and one of the first programmers).


I hope you don't need it.


WILLY said...

Company dissolved under my feet at the tender age of 42. Best thing that ever happened to me and the best age to start anew and/or do your own thing.

You actually know what you are doing in your forties and you are still young enough to do it. I started a business at 42 that has lasted 20 years and I'm still having fun.

Also no better time to start, than at the bottom of an economic curve. Seriously the best time to start something new.

Of course I was 42 at the time and you are 43, don't know if the extra year fucks up the theory.

On a sadder note this is my favorite Warren Zevon performance. Letterman gave him the whole night and it being unfortunately his last appearance on Letterman, Warren gave him his guitar after the show ended. Great song.

David said...

Well, balls to all that. Not the reading and the music part. The juggling fire on a rope without a net part.