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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Papers please!

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democommie said...

Mr. Reverend Paperboy, Sir:

I have had people ask me why the ICE folks have a nice bunker in the middle of Oswego, NY--right next to Fort Ontario and on the Lake Ontario waterfront. I tell them it's because of exactly the problem that you highlight. "Frostbacks", fleeing a life of intolerable cheerfulness and courtesy in Canada often make the perilous journey from Kindston, ON to the USA, via the Lake.

Unscruplous human trafficers (known as "wolverines" crowd their "Canada Geese" into decrepit pleasure boats and set them adrift in the middle of the lake. Those hardy enough to survive the crossing must often swim the last few miles to shore, where--often as not--they get low paid, dead-end jobs in the "hospitality trade" as front desk or customer service types.