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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the dog daze of bloggerdom

It is hot and wet in Tokyo and I have almost nothing to say about anything except to note that setting the air conditioner to 25+ degrees Celcius is not only inappropriate, it could be considered grounds for divorce and/or justifiable homicide. Screw the enviroment, damn the expenses, I want it cold enough in the living room that the ice in my glass doesn't completely melt before I add the gin -- It was 33 degrees here the other day with a humidity level of holyfreakingshityougottabekidding and a yellow sand & smog level that required an aqualung -- and this is only June. Thank Jebus, Mohammed and Buddha we are leaving before it get really hot in August.

In the meantime - go amuse and enlighten yourself.

Fox anchorblonde's job "just like the being president"

Fox fans on Facebook

Driftglass does the usual up-one-side-and-down-the-other-with-a-pickax-handle on the babbling Babbitt  of the bourgoisie and brings to mind what we talk about when we talk about snark

This just in, 40% of poll respondents certifiably goofy

I'd love to see God prove he exists by doing some smiting. I'd also love to see the pretzel logic used to admit Karl Rove to the country while trying to keep so many others out.

A great photo of the courageous G20 security forces in action

Finally, if you read nothing else all week, go and have a look at this excellent piece by Skipper Dave - a man who knows the complexities of command -  on why Stanley McCrystal is lucky just to have been fired for his insubordination and not put against a wall and offered a cigarette -- and he doesn't even mention that the man is a war criminal .


Dave said...

So, Rev, when you are you and Mrs. Rev and the Rev kids making your way back to the land of beaver-dams and moose-kill?

Rev.Paperboy said...

We hope to arrive sometime in early to mid-August, though specific departure dates are still yet to be pinned down -- and I'm still looking for a job (hint, hint George Soros)

David said...

We'll make sure to have the cicadas shined and ready for you.

David said...

Wait, what? Did you write that your home is 33C? Even if that is the temp. outside, how can 25 be too cool?

Sorry, I have a Canadian mindset.

Rev.Paperboy said...

yup 33C outside and the wife doesn't like the cold, so she sets the thermostat at a toasty 25C, whereas I, being raised in Sault Ste. Marie, consider 25C to be outdoor summer temperature and reset it to 20C or 21C (19C when I'm the only one home) leading to complaints and the wearing of cardigans.