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Sunday, July 11, 2010

They probably would have arrested Don Ho, too

"If that bubble touches me, you're going to be arrested for assault"
-Constable A. Josephs, Toronto Police 

Dear Constable A. Josephs of the Toronto Police,

You are such a dick.


Rev. Paperboy

Seriously, arresting people for blowing bubbles? That is pretty much the Unabriged Oxford English Dictionary definition of cops without enough to do -- good thing there is no crime in Toronto.
(Video totally stolen from A Creative Revolution, who rock, bubbles or no bubbles)

Addendum: Perhaps we could all chip in and send Const. Josephs to some sort of relaxing event to help him unwind, perhaps a soccer match or something? I'm sure it's lovely in East London this time of year.



rww said...

Unfortunately they probably did not arrest her for assault because I would love to see that come before a judge. Like most of the arrestees she was probably just arrested for "being alive in Toronto".

double nickel said...

That guy has issues.