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Thursday, August 12, 2010

the eagl...er...the beaver has landed

We've all arrived safe and sound at our new home on and native land at an undisclosed location in Southern Ontario. And most of our twelve pieces of luggage arrived with us, except for that one bag that arrived a day late with external hard drive that holds the family photo archives missing along with a few other odds and ends that I presume fell out while the hard drive was being stolen. Thank Jebus the friendly, honest and not-at-all-corrupt-and-drunk-with-power people at the airline, TSA and Fatherland Security were able to X-ray and open that bag with no supervision or legal liability and just help themselves to whatever they wanted, otherwise I'd have all these hundreds of pictures of my kids as infants to share with my parents and friends, and who needs that hassle, right?

So, now that I'm no longer and expatriate journalist in Tokyo, what the heck am I? For the moment, I guess I'm just another unemployed Canuck appalled by my own government and worried about making  ends meet. I'm living off my savings and my parents for the moment and as painful and shameful and humbling as that is when you are twentysomething, try it in your mid forties if you really want to plumb the depths. As Cthulu is my witness, this will be temporary, even if it involves me wearing a paper hat and saying "would like fries with that?" to get out of this situation sooner rather than later.

Just like a real blogger, I'm actually writing this post in my pyjamas from my parents' basement, where we will be living while I obsessively seek employment in a stagnant job market. Suffice to say my parents and I do not see eye to eye politically. My mother, who should know better, has already chided me for criticizing Stephen Harper, who she thinks is "doing a pretty good job." When we went to check into how to get health care coverage, my father was making noises about all the "losers with the arse out of their pants who have three cell phones" downtown and how if we were from "Jamaica or Pakistan we'd be able to get health care right away" instead of having to wait three months. Blogging will be light for the foreseeable future, frustration, tongue-biting and teeth-grinding will not.
Protestations of light blogging notwithstanding, I will blog at length sometime this week to describe the agony and the ecstasy of my final days in Tokyo, but that is for another day. Right now I have citizenship papers to file for the kids and jobs to apply for and more pressing stuff to do.



ck said...

Hey Rev,
Welcome back. Sorry about your situation.

Regretting not staying in Japan or would you have been no longer employed there neither? At least they don't seem to be going back to the era of dinosaurs and "Father Knows Best".

Yeah, I remembered your previous comment about the grass being greener and certain laws being stricter in Japan, but I have a feeling that if ol' Steve gets his majority, Japan is going to look like something out of "Easy Rider"

I hear you about staying with your folks. Maybe you can educate them while you're staying with them. I know, a difficult feat to say the least, but if you start with people you know, well...nothing ventured; nothing gained, right?

I guess I envy those who get to live overseas these days. For me being Canadian has never been more embarrassing, more frightening and more frustrating.

If my husband and I were young enough to emigrate elsewhere (most countries we would like to go to have a 45 year old cap)we would be outta here; on the next plane.

Anyhow, welcome back. I wish you all the best in your search for gainful employment & a speedy exit from your parents' home. Really must be difficult to share a home with Sweater vest Steve fans. But, like I said, look at this as an opportunity and a challenge to try to sway them. How about this approach? Your folks are probably receiving CPP & Old Age Pension; they use OHIP and couldn't afford the private sector for their health care like MedCan or Cleveland clinics. Tell them Steve would take all that away from them and fellow seniors if let loose with a majority. Lawdy knows there is more than enough proof to this effect.

Again, all the best in your return & I hope your son's arm is better.

David said...

Welcome home, and welcome to Canada to your family. Hopefully the 100% humidity due on the weekend will make it feel more like home. Best of luck with the job search, and don't forget to take time to go to the beach. It's free and fun.

JJ said...


Are you in Toronto? Don't worry, you'll be working in no time. You're an immensely talented writer and I expect to see your byline at the Star eventually.

Meanwhile, look on the bright side: it sounds like at least you've already got the beginnings of a hilarious blogpost series, "My Conservative Dad". Ha!

Canada is still the greatest country in the world, in spite of Steve. Don't allow yourself to drift into negativity and you will be just fine.

Welcome home! And welcome to your family of new Canadians!

((((big hugs for all of you))))

Boris said...

Welcome home, Rev! Good luck with the job search and the teeth grinding.

Boris said...

Oh! Maybe you could apply for this one: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/wri/1889288484.html