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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A message from the top

Video by Pale over at ACR with some assistance from fellow Galloping Beaver inkstained wretch Alison of Creekside. Needless to say, I won't be quitting the day job I'm looking for to become a professional voice actor anytime soon.



David said...

Great work Rev. You brought the funny.

democommie said...

Dear Mr. Reverend Paperboy, Sir:

The production values were spot on (although I don't think that you made Mr. Harper look anywhere near Hitleralterjugend as he really is) but I had to stop and dash off this note, what I saw during the "Security is Job 1!" portion of the documentad just bothers me too much to let it go by without saying something.

The cops are all nicely jackbooted and sufficiently armed and armored--although some "Street Sweepers" loaded with flechette rounds or mini-grenades would make short work of those protestaperps. They're properly marshalled and directed. Making them eat shit on their day to day shifts and never, ever questioning their superior superiors bottles up a lot of rage that comes in handy for just such events as the attempted dissent by protestofascists like those who tried to derail the G20. Yet, I still see a problem.

Toronto is a beautiful city with wide, tree shaded boulevards, fine schools, lovely shops, art and other boring museums and (so I'm told) some pretty fine hookers. All of that is well and good, but if you truly want to be welcomed into the community of the NewFeudalists you gots to have better signage, my man, you gots to have better signage

The shields the minions of order and decorum are holding up as they advance say "Police" in large, black, somewhat scary looking, letters. Okay, so far as it goes--yes, yes, you manage to scare the english and french speaking hooligans--so what? You got the G-fucking-20 in town? Then you got terrotourists from everwhere. You need to consider adding, at a minimum, the following words or ideograms, to those shields.


Now, I don't mean to be critical but it just doesn't matter if you gotta nice haircut and you're wearing an ArmaniGotti suit if you still have the language skilz of some hick from Regina who ain't never been off the farm or ranch (or is it a "station" up there in KanucKKKistan, like in Oz?). C'mon, Mr. HardonHarper, shake the dust off your boots and join the 21st14th century. Hoooooooooooo-ah!