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Monday, November 08, 2010

More like 'UNwanted"

To be honest, I don't want Philip 'Flip' Benham.  He is not wanted. I do NOT want anyone to lay a finger on this guy. What I really want is for him to stop acting like a douchebag before he gets someone, like one of my neighbors, killed. Freedom of speech does not include the freedom to threaten people or the freedom to urge others to do harm to people who are engaged in a lawful activity.
Benham is fortunate that the kind of people who read this blog and support abortion rights don't have the same kind of history of violence that exists within the antiabortion movement. Admittedly, a few people have lost their cool when provoked outside clinics and punched a few assholes out. Such violence is regettable, but at the same time, those who favor abortion rights don't bomb the offices of anti-abortion organizations or murder prominent people in the anti-abortion movement.

(h/t to April Reign  at Birth Pangs/Bread&Roses)


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