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Sunday, May 01, 2011

The assault on democracy

Read this excellent summary by Lawrence Martin and then tell me we can afford to give Stephen Harper another term as president prime minister.
Have a look at the regional polling numbers, the Conservatives are the choice of the majority in only Alberta and narrowly in the Prairies. They are at about 40% in Ontario and BC, but a distant fourth place in Quebec. Do the right thing tomorrow and vote for the candidate in your riding that has the best chance to beat the conservative. Local polling numbers can be seen here until midnight.
And no, I don't think the title is overstating things. All parties have their good and bad points but there is a difference between them -- so stop telling me that "both sides do it."
Both sides don't try to suppress the vote.
Both sides don't have crowds that shout down journalists when they ask questions.
Both sides don't throw people out of rallies for what might be on their facebook page.
Both sides don't want to cut corporate taxes while cutting programs for the poor.
Both sides don't fire the nuclear watchdog for doing her job.
Both sides don't pander to the religious right.
Both sides don't prorogue parliament.
Both sides haven't been found in contempt of parliament.
Both sides don't engage in specious personal smears and intimidation.
Both sides don't cancel the court challenges program.
Both sides aren't afraid to speak to the press or answer unscripted questions from voters.
Both sides don't issue manuals to their MPs on how to obstruct the work of parliamentary committees.
Both sides don't question the patriotism of those who disagree with them.
Both sides don't villify immigrants and expatriates as somehow being "less Canadian"

Think about which side you want to be on.



Anonymous said...

Harper has involved Canada in two wars. So far the bill is over $36 billion. That cost to be increased billions more, Harper has extended Canada's time in Afghanistan. He also has harsh words for Iran. Harper is a war monger.

Harper's jets with no engines, are running into the billions. The billion dollar fake lake, was a blatant waste of tax payers dollars. Canada has been a peacekeeping country, since WW11. We did not bomb innocent civilians, until Harper.

What will Harper's waste of our tax dollars do to the citizens? Lose our health care and other services we are taxed for? Our tax dollars belong to us, not to Harper, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world, and to build prisons.

Harper had a convicted felon working for him. His Conservatives are in contempt of the House. Conservative stormed Guelph University, to stop students from voting. They even tried to seize the ballot boxes. This is fascism and dictatorship, there was no Democracy, in that fiasco, what-so-ever.

Harper gives banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's, billions of our tax dollars. I watched that motion pass, while watching, the House of Commons TV channel. These huge business, are also given huge tax reductions. Harper just gave them another tax reduction, to come off Canadians paychecks.

Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom? What in the hell is that? We are living in a dictatorship regime.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Not a dictatorship - we are having an election tomorrow after all, but the current conservatives definitely have a soupcon of brownshirt in their makeup.