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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Somebody get Mike Wallace to look into this

We eat a lot of instant ramen noodles here at the Woodshed. I wish to the FSM they would stop calling these little packets of instant noodles "ramen" since they bear little or no resemblance to the wonderful steaming bowls of marvellous broth piled high with pork and vegetables and fresh-made noodles that I miss so much from Japan. 
While shopping the other day, a thought occured to me. These noodles always come with a little packet of powdered soup mix and there are various flavours. The beef, while it contains no actual meat, is supposed to taste like the meat of a cow. The chicken is flavoured to taste like like broth made from boiling pieces and bones of chicken, the pork tastes like pork, the shrimp tastes like shrimp, the vegetable tastes like broth made from vegetables. Simple, right?

So exactly how do you explain this?



RossK said...



Because I figure it is actually CGI Apes from planets where they like to play Pachinko.

Or maybe it's Gladiators.

I dunno.

Anonymous said...

read the label, 1.5 days fat and salt in one package, this stuff is poison

jcricket said...

Quick! Do a head count!

Leanne said...

Ha! I found you on twitter, and damn glad I did. I always wondered about that 'flavor'. Now I know.

Beijing York said...

LOL about the "oriental" flavouring.

But dayum, those street side stands in Tokyo that offered big bowls of steaming hot ramen noodles were to die for. And there was always someone open at the freaking middle of the night.