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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We spent a billion dollars for this?

Note that most of these people were arrested in pre-dawn raids BEFORE the G20 demonstrations began, thanks to the use of infiltrators and police spies and agents provocateurs. And it cost taxpayers about a billion dollars, not including the fake lake and Tony Clement's gazebo.

obviously these 17 people posed an serious existential threat to country and civilization and it was worth every cent of that billion dollars to lock them up for the last year and to arrest over 1,000 people, only about 100 of which still face charges.



Beijing York said...

I still can't believe that Harper's security price tag for the G20 eclipsed that of all G8-G20 meeting before and after him. I wonder if he makes security demands when he travels to international events, like GW Bush did?

Rev.Paperboy said...

All world leaders make security demands of some kind when they travel, though the demands by the US secret service seem to be the most extensive

Rev.Paperboy said...

That said, I betcha Harper insists all the red M&M are removed from the bowl in his hotel room - he strikes me as the kind of egotistical arsehole who shouts at the aide who gets his coffee even slightly wrong