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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If Jenny is right...

...then I must be one of these guys for real. Because I'm getting more than a little sick and tired of getting turned down for jobs I was overqualified for ten years ago and living month to month on a handshake deal to keep coming in until somebody tells me to stop. Seriously newspapers, I love you to death but what the hell have you done for me lately?

And yet...
What the hell else would I want to do?


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David said...

On the plus side, you introduced me to Ace in the Hole. You just have to monetise that somehow.

Does it seem like there is more and more writing, and more and more avenues for writers/reporters, but less money for them? I suppose I'm pointlessly hopeful, but I still think (hope) there will be a market for a well edited, well-written news source. It will just have to be digital and ad supported (like free-to-play games on the PC) and make use of micro-transactions to squeeze pennies out of people. For example, I pay $.06 per issue of the London Free Press digital-only version. I'm sure I'd pay more to get Jim Merriman, Brian Lilley, and Ezra Fucking Levant excised from my copy.