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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let me get this straight...

So, because a tiny, whiny, paranoid minority of Canadian fans of Michelle Bachman found the anonymous mandatory long-form census intrusive and coercive, the Conservatives' Industry Minister Tony "Gazebos R Us" Clement decided to scrap the whole thing against the advice of just about everyone.
And because a small, but very vocal bunch of paranoid gun nuts backed by the NRA ("keeping deadly weapons cheap and readily available for Americans for over a century") thought the long gun registry was intrusive and coercive, the Tories will scrap the whole thing and destroy the database against the wishes  of the majority of Canadians and police across the country.
But, according to Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic "Lock'em up and throw away the keys" Toews, anyone who objects to the government and police being able to access all your internet records and find out every website your computer has ever accessed, whether by annoying pop-up, virus, unauthorized third-party use or what have you, is clearly  siding with the child pornographers.

Our country is being run by a bunch of jackasses.


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Anonymous said...

Definitely a bunch of power-hungry jackasses.

The initial opposition to the long form census had nothing to do with the far-right nonsense that came later. The issue wasn't that the government would know things that it needs to know to do its job. The issue was that the collection of census data was sub-contracted out to Lockheed Martin. It still is. It's possible to trust Statistics Canada to respect your privacy while not trusting an American military contractor with the same.