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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Credit where credit is due

While I fundamentally disagree with Andrew Coyne on many, many things I think he may be the last sane small "c" conservative in the public marketplace of ideas. He is unquestionably a conservative who favours smaller government, lassiez faire economic policies and fiscal conservatism and no fan of the "dirty hippies." He is not a doctrinaire "my-party-right-or-wrong" movement conservative who toes the party line, but a reasonable, educated and generally sensible man, the kind who disappeared from the Conservative Party of Canada along with Joe Clark and Robert Stanfield.
Speaking on the weekend at the Manning Centre's conservapalooza, he took a horsewhip to the Conservative Party of Canada.


How long before the CPC-SunNews wurlitzer starts calling him a Liberal stooge?



Dave said...

Rev, as much as I would like to believe Coyne portrays intelligence, he is a part of the crowd that believed "Harper should be given a chance".

Now he has "buyer's remorse".

I don't. You don't. We were right all along.

Makes young Andrew stupid in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Coyne has given us some of the most coherent observations and analysis I've seen .. I was quite startled .. then hugely impressed

Rev.Paperboy said...

at least he's smart enough to have buyer's remorse, unlike so many on the right who keep either biting their tongues and grudgingly doing as Dear Leader demands or those who have embraced the stupid and cannot admit a single error, cannot give a single inch on anything and more or less brag about how partisan and petty their party has become.

stevewoodsteel said...

When I think of Coyne I think of one word: cogent. Oh, and handsome.

While I don't necessarily agree with him (most of the time) he has a knack for arguing his points thoughtfully.

Did I mention handsome?