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Sunday, March 25, 2012

More ratfucking

Looks like Pierre Poutine has been at it again.
How long before we get to see Dean Del Mastro speculate about whether it was the Liberals who did this or the NDP executive in a false flag attack intended to gin up sympathy for the party or possibly the CBC trying to invent a story.
The good news is Elections Canada has the IP addresses. I hope somebody is getting their ass thrown in jail for this. Like the so-called robocalls vote suppression fraud, this is well beyond dirty tricks, this is criminal interference in the democratic process.

Update: The company that ran the electronic voting at NDP convention is now saying the vote was secure and accurate and that the denial of service attack was clearly the work of professionals.   The anti-democratic scum that did this will fail to completely cover their tracks or brag to someone or otherwise trip over their own dicks and get caught eventually.
And when that happens, I'm sure Stephen Harper will be shocked, just shocked to find out that there is gambling going on at Rick's Cafe American a dirty tricks department operating behind the scenes. More surprising still will be the stunning revelation that no one is responsible for it, that it has no connection at all to the CPC and that all its funding either materialized out of thin air or came from a stable full of unicorns that shit gold ingots. Dean Del Mastro will somehow explain that the Liberals are behind the whole thing.



Anonymous said...

What's really weird about this situation is that they claim only two IP addresses were responsible, yet this kept the voting down all day. When you're being DOSed, one thing you can do is work with your upstream ISP to block the attacking packets before they hit your network. The hard part is telling the difference between an "attacker" packet and a good one. So why were they endlessly rebooting instead of blocking those two IPs at the firewall?

As to the investigation, if the attacker made use of IP address spoofing, the IP addresses that the NDP has could have been selected by the attacker to be anything from the personal computer of Stephen Harper to a research station somewhere in the Antarctic.

The only chance of the investigation finding anything is really if the attacker was an idiot, just used two computers under his control, and did absolutely nothing to cover his tracks. Maybe it was nothing more than a couple of teenagers that thought they were being funny, but the firm hired by the NDP had no idea what to do.

David said...

A few more years of Del Mastro's finger pointing and the Liberals are going to become even more powerful and influential than the Clenis.

Thomas Venney said...

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