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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Blog against Theocracy weekend

Rather than rage against the fundementalists that seek to impose the narrow-minded rules of their various faiths upon us, I'd like to take a positive approach to the Blog Against Theocracy weekend and express my admiration for the Bluewater District School Board for doing the sensible thing and ensuring that public schools stay secular.
As the link shows, they have taken all kinds of abuse from those who seek to impose their religious faith on others, so I think it is important to that we let them know they have the support of the majority out there that don't want religion in the public school system
I even wrote them a letter and urge you to do likewise.

Dear board members,

I am writing to commend you on our decision to ban non-instructional religious materials from the schools in the Bluewater district. Favouring or merely appearing to favour one religion over another has absolutely no place in the public school system.
Please do not be swayed by those who accuse you of "political correctness"  for choosing not to ride roughshod over both the spirit of our Constitution and the feelings of non-Christians. Those who claim this decision somehow erodes "Canadian heritage" or feel free to rage against immigrants are simply demonstrating their ignorance and narrow-minded bigotry. One can only imagine their reaction if a group of dedicated Muslims wanted to give a copy of the Koran to every grade 5 student or a group of Buddhists wanted to come in and teach students how to meditate.
Let those who feel it is important for their children to receive religious instruction send their children to any of the many private or publicly-funded religious schools. Religious instruction is not the responsibility of the public school system and it is vital that public schools remain strictly secular.
I applaud you for your fairmindedness, consideration, sensitivity and courage. The moral strength you have demonstrated in this matter sets an admirable example for the students in the Bluewater District and I hope other boards follow your example.
You can reach the Bluewater District Board of Education at:
P.O. Box 190
351 1st Avenue North
Chesley, Ontario N0G 1L0



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