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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose

Last weekend @TheBrazman was all over twitter challenging reporters to step into the ring with him and demanding to know how much they were paid and generally making an obnoxious ass of himself. Having seen last night's fight, I believe Nelson Muntz said it best for all of us:

Once again a Conservative let his mouth write cheques his ass could not cash and reality is shown to have a liberal bias. Trash-tweeting Sen. Patrick Brazeau and his karate black belt talked his way to being a 3-1 favorite in the "Showdown in O-town". He even bragged that he thought he could knockout Justin Trudeau. and he fought a good fight, at least for the first half of the first round. Then the reality of Justin Trudeau's longer reach, better conditioning and 20 years of boxing experience set in. The Brazman is lucky the ref stopped the fight when he did, another round or two and he'd have been carried out.

While this was hardly the first time a Trudeau has mopped the floor with a Conservative - and it won't be the last time, either - the "Thrilla on the Hilla" provided a certain visceral satisfaction that you don't really get from Question Period.


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