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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back on the air

As you can hear (automatically, if you don't want to hear, just go to your right and hit the pause button) Radio Woodshed is back on the air after a long hiatus. We will be broadcasting pretty much 24/7 with cleverly compiled playlists and occasional forays into live DJing (I'll even take requests via twitter). I know the sound quality is kinda lame right now, but we will fix that ASAP.



Lelani Carver said...

Oops, not working on the iPad. Will return later to add stream to WinAmp, etc.

Jane2 said...

Can't find any buttons on which to click!

David said...

Weird. The player is "on", but I'm not getting any sound. I'd better check under the hood.

DFH said...