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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Harmonica Players Suck (Except When They Blow)

Free 28-page guide to blowing (and sucking) your brains out.
Make music (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)!
Amaze your friends!
Confound your enemies!
Annoy the hell out of your roommates and neighbours!

Click here and print the document and learn to play the Rev. Paperboy way!

(When printing, print out the first seven pages, flip them and then print out the last 7. The page labelled "8" is actually the inside cover)



David said...

Fantastic booklet. I'm printing out now and will be irritating the family tonight.

Kevin Wood said...

you can't blame the book for that! Tho "Red Lantern" is good blues name. I can just picture at the emcee at Rosa's Lounge on the South Side: "Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for harmonica blues stylings of Red Lantern and the Lamplighters!"

David said...

Awesome. I'm going to bill myself as such when I play The Kitchen tonight (I'm booked for an after-dinner show). It's a weird venue as the patrons prefer to dance naked.

Kevin Wood said...

I love playing The Kitchen. I t always means cheap drinks for the band!

Suzuki Harmonica said...

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