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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

holiday Monday is all right for uke fighting?

the original

the cover

For 14 years in Japan, this was my homesickness theme song. I even got to perform it with a local jazz band in my local pub a few times...



RossK said...

Excellent original and cover KRev!

What'd you play in the band?


Unknown said...

I played blues harp and sang. I sat in with them a few times as a singer - mostly Tom Waits and old Sinatra standards.

RossK said...
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RossK said...

Had to fix somethin'....



Given the situation, I have a prescription.

It's all good, but for you, I highly recommend Act Four.

And do not forget that I am, after all, a doctor.

(OK, not a real doctor, but a doctor nonetheless, sorta)


Unknown said...

I remember hearing that piece on This American Life a few years ago. Terrific tale!