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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chapter IV: A New Hope

Now that Team Coyne's campaign for the Liberal leadership has come out into the light, one wonders if we can convince Parliamentary process expert, ace thumb-typer, tireless CBC news minx and hat enthusiast Kady O'Malley to run against him. With competition like this, Justin Trudeau might decide to run after all. Certainly any of the three would be more likely to get my vote than John Manley.

And for what it is worth, I bristle at both the notion that Justin Trudeau would be some sort of saviour for the Liberal Party of Canada, and at the outright dismissal of him by pundits such as Coyne. Justin Trudeau has shown himself to be a thoughtful, conscientious and hard working MP. Yes, he has showboated a bit, but mostly because the media demands of it of him. People have been mentioning him as a possible Liberal leader ever since he delivered the eulogy  at his father's funeral.
Certainly, he has charisma aplenty, but he also has a sense of civic responsibility and dare I say it, nobless oblige. People can and will complain that the last Canada needs is a hereditary political dynasty like the Kennedys or Bushes south of the border, but as legacy politicos go, we could do whole a lot worse that Justin Trudeau.
After all, this is someone who was born to wealth and power and could have done anything he wanted. He chose to teach public high school in Vancouver for a few years and then work for environmental causes. His political career has seen him continue to fight for the environment and for programs like Katimavik that turn out engaged, public-minded young Canadians. He has shown himself to be honest, open and on the side of the angels on just about any issue you care to name.
I don't think he is going to be any kind of political messiah, but I think the Liberal Party of Canada could do a lot worse.

In other news, thanks again to the wonderful work of the McMaher, the odious Dean Del Mastro appears to be headed for a world of suck. People have gone to jail for much less than this sort of corruption. Maybe those new prisons weren't such a bad idea after all. We gonna need room for more CPC politicos than just Del Mastro and Pierre Poutine in the long run.



RossK said...

Great, eclectic, eclectic post with a point Rev - thanks.

The hate-on for Mr. Trudeau really has me wondering if there are Straussian wizards behind the curtain who are staring deep poll numbers in the face where the blank slate in terms of evilizable/big smear potential scares the crap out of them.

Kevin Wood said...

Yeah, I kinda like Justin. And was a big fan of his Dad. Trudeau the Younger has that same pinache and his heart is in the right place.
Hope you are still digging the music feed.