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Saturday, September 08, 2012

books are stored wisdom, read some!

Think of them as analog Kindles, Nooks, or Kobos, or like really long blogs posts that you have printed off to read later.


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democommie said...

Dear Reverend Mr. Kevinpaperboy, Sir:

I got a friend who told me I was stupid to buy books at the dollar store because you can get any book you want at the liberioteque. I told him that if I dint by no books and read some I wouldn't NOW what I wanted to reed to axe for at the lieberry.

My current booklist includes "The Finger" (Angus Trumble), "A Soldier's Best Friend" (John C. Burnham), "The Simpons, An Uncensored, Unauthorized History" (John Ortved) and "Extreme War" (Terrence Poulos). And that's just what's on the shelf in "lur twalette".