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Monday, December 17, 2012

Freedumb to own push-button death machines must never be curtailed!

  • Apparently there are people in America who follow mass shootings the way some people used to follow the Grateful Dead.
  • Another member of the "well regulated militia" is heard from in California.
  • Just another law-abiding gun owner and firearms hobbyist in Indiana.
  • Yet one more responsible gun owner .
  • I couldn't agree more: "Fuck You, Guns"
  • And fuck this guy, twice, sideways. This idiotic notion that the solution to gun violence is more guns is about as logical as saying the solution to a gas leak is more lit matches. Police responding to the scene of a shooting are not going to be able to tell the good guys from the bad by the black and white hats and just because you happen to have a gun handy in an emergency doesn't mean you can hit squat with it (innocent bystanders not included). Also, there is the chance that a backfiring car or a child pointing a stick at you is liable to spark a massive accidental firefight among the school staff. 
  • And for sheer lack of self-awareness, the former Confederate Yankee, Gun Counter Gomer hisself, has this post sandwiched between his posts blaming Clackmass mall shooting on society and explaining how the AR-15 is just a tool ( but neglecting to mention that it is a tool purpose-built for killing people) and his post on the Newton school shooting blaming rap music, Hollywood and video games and the culture of "killing for pleasure."
  • First there was the shit-fit thrown over Bob Costas mentioning that maybe guns might not be so wonderful during a holy football game, but now football fans have really show how kkklassy they can be.
From your "cold, dead hands," you say? Fine with me.



Bukko Canukko said...

Is the mandatory musical accompaniment a new thing with you, Rev, or a special one-off for the occasion?

You know what all these mass shootings boil down to? Terrorism. Not a terrorism with any political purpose or underlying organization. Terrorism based on the rage of nihilistic men who feel like they have nothing to lose, so they might as well hurt a bunch of people.

You know those soulless, remorseless killing machines that Americans imagine Muslim terrorists to be? They’re within your own population, America! Any man, at any place, any time, might suddenly go off like the gun-carrying equivalent to a car bomb.

Wouldn’t you say that an increasing feeling of terror pervades America because of the Reign of the Gun? As much as you can tell, what with being in Canuckisane (instead of "stan") and all. I’ve read news stories that the elementary school where this latest mass murder occurred had locked doors; that people had to be buzzed in. I’ve seen comments by other people that similar systems are in place at schools all over. A far cry from when I went to elementary in the 1960s. Why? I reckon it’s because of Columbine, and so many smaller custody battle-related shootings.

Part of the reason for the oppressive brutality of American police officers is because they now regard any civilian as a potential shooters, so they’re going to Taser, pepper-spray or just plain blow away anyone who makes them feel hincty. How many other says can you think of that Gun Terror has warped life in the U.S.A.?

Maybe if the media and a critical mass of Americans started referring to gun madness as terrorism, public attitudes would change. But I think it’s too late. America is infected with the gun terror virus, and it’s too deeply rooted to go away. Welcome to Terror World, America, a world that will go on and on and on.

Kevin Wood said...

Bukko, the radio has been part of the site for ages now, I just don't always have the broadcast switched on - the kids tend to turn it off while I'm at work so it won't slow their Youtube downloading.