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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"This self-delusion is more than ideology"

Not much of a surprise that University of Calgary political scientist and nut bar Barry Cooper brags about his friendship with Tom Flannagan,  Why do I call him a nut bar? Well, this is Professor Coopers take on the First Nations in Canada and presumably aboriginal people anywhere else that white Europeans decided they want to live. At first I thought the subhead was some editor's warning about the content of this op-ed piece.

Aboriginals have no claim to sovereignty

Opinion: This self-delusion is more than ideology

The behaviour of Indian leaders and the gestures of the Idle No More movement are expressions of the same pathologies found on so many reserves in Canada. Political pathology is more than the well-known corruption of so-called chiefs. Almost the entire discussion between Indians and the government is based on complaints, assumptions and assertions that have no basis in reality. They are projections of the imagination. Participants in the discussions, however, take them to be the self-evident structure of the common sense world.
Such self-delusion is more than ideology, because it combines the lowest emotions — guilt, fear and resentment — with the most exalted aspirations to rectify injustice and fulfil the wishes of God, the Creator. To put this problem into perspective, recall a classic study published in 2000 by my longtime colleague and even longer-time friend, Tom Flanagan, called First Nations? Second Thoughts.
The fantasy devoutly believed in by many aboriginals, bureaucrats and lawyers, both on the bench and at the bar, as well as by numerous academics, journalists and intellectuals, goes as follows: (1) Aboriginals are privileged because they were here first; (2) there are no significant differences between European and Indian civilizations so that (3) Indians are sovereign nations; accordingly (4) treaties were nation-to-nation agreements that (5) affirmed aboriginal sovereignty and ownership of the land. And finally, when Canadians acknowledge all the above, Indians will prosper. http://www.canada.com/news/Aboriginals+have+claim+sovereignty/7874774/story.html#ixzz2JCzxr2Tg

You'll want to read the whole thing to really get a taste for how completely idiotic and racist the piece is, but if you are short on time or have a weak stomach, let Eddie Izzard give you the "shorter"


(hat tip to Alison at Creekside for reminding my of the Izzard bit)


The Mound of Sound said...

I had to look to find out if Cooper is Australian. He embraces the same asshole attitude held by many Aussies, namely that the aboriginals are entitled to anything no white man wants, at least for the moment.

meadowlark said...

Never have I been so ashamed of this country, as I have been since Harper's so called majority. His dictatorship really came up in earnest.

I am very ashamed of Harper. His manner towards the F.N. people, absolutely disgusted me. He is an evil tyrant.

I was in disbelief of a few web sites. They were no better than Goebbels propaganda machine, and his hate speech towards the Jewish people.

This is what Harper has dragged our country down into? I sent those two web sites to friends and relatives overseas. The were horrified, Canadians behaved like monsters, towards our F.N. citizens.

the salamander said...

Sounds like a guy with 'mommy issues' .. not his real mom .. The Queen Mum.. Like Harper, Flanagan et al .. he's a peeking from the closet racist bigot wishing the Union Jack was still the flag in the colony.. n Gawd Save th Queen.. and the white man empire

What undigested intellectual pablum and disgusting venom spews from his lost colonial lizard brain. Sanctimonious pompous crap. This self absorbed preening excuse for a human is teaching Canadian students? He needs the colonial crown slapped from his head toute suite.. and his arse chased off campus.

The last paragraph betrays his shallow preppy dim premise. Hopefully he'll be shamed in his own lecture hall, by a disbelieving 1st year student intolerant of such bully boy nonsense, or an alert janitor at the university who prints the diatribe and pins it up on bulletin boards on campus.

This nut would have fit in well in Selma, Alabama with a fiery cross, or sabre in hand at Wounded Knee a ways back. He certainly wants us all to go back to the dark place in time that he seems to exist in.

Linda said...

Thanks! Now I'm addicted to Eddie.

Pearly Craig said...

Sad. Even though they constitutes a small portion of the population, still they are entitled to rights and freedom. ~ ilikesheds