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Friday, April 26, 2013

so you think you can play harmonica

Well, not anymore I don't



democommie said...

True story dept.

I once saw James Cotton (Easter weekend, 1973) in a storefront club in Milwaukee's ghetto--for $1. Three hours of grinditout blues with one 10 minute break.

democommie said...

I finally got a free moment (the voices in my head shut the fuck up, for once) so's I could listen to the D'Harmo. Klezmer!

rev.paperboy said...

I've seen James Cotton and I once got to meet Charlie Musselwhite backstage before he went on after I sat in with the opening band for a tune or two (the late, great Mel Brown and the Homewreckers). Mr. Musselwhite was kind enough to say encouraging things about my playing and gave me some tips and talked harps with me for a few minutes. A very gracious and generous fellow who can seriously blow up a storm. But what D'Harmo does is just totally alien -- it ain't twelve bar blues, that's for sure. They have technique up the wahzoo and a totally original take on how to use the harmonica. Their album blows my mind.