"Where else would you go when you have an ax to grind?"

Monday, May 05, 2003

Ah success at last. The page works! http://kevinswoodshed.blogspot.com/ is on the air!
here's the deal: I see this site as a potential bulletin board for net communication among the various members of the tribe. You can use it to email me, drop by the site to see what I'm up to, and hopefully post your own /announcements, denouncements, pronouncements...thoughts/rants/news/ gossip/ photos etc etc etc. All you have to do is email them to me, request that they be put on the site for all to see and badda-boom, badda-bing - there they are on the page.
Expect some changes to the way this thing looks over the long run as well, once I get some web-wizards to help me do the designing bit.
Meantime.........welcome to the wooodshed!

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