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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Closing in on visitor 1,000
Well, according to the counter I'm getting about 25 hits a day - as compared to the big boys like Atrios and Kos who get a few hundred thousand a day - but we all gotta start somewhere. If you are the 1,000th visitor - post a comment and claim your mystery prize! If you are not the 1,000th visitor, screw it, post a comment anyways. Nobody ever posts a comment and the blogosphere gets lonesome without comments.


d said...

Damn, I'm only 980.... Ah, fuck it -- I'll leave a comment anyway. You should be getting more than 25 hits a day -- there's good stuff in this here blog! Keep up the good work. Bill Tierney was a good find.... Exploit him!

the rev. said...

A comment! a real live comment! Oh frabjurous day! Calou Callay!