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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Where would Jesus find the WMD?

Thanks to Atrios and Billmon, among others, we have a Wanker of the week: Bill Tierny, a former weapons inspector in Iraq who knows where the WMD in Iraq are 'cause God told him and who enjoys torturing prisoners of war, sorry "enemy combatants", because its fun -he even worked at Gitmo. And of course he's a devout born again Christian who felt that God had called him to join the Army and got kicked out for praying with the people he was supposed to be interogating.

"Tierney's methods of ascertaining this location were rather unconventional. "I would ask God and just get a sense if something was valid or not, and then know if I needed to pursue it," he said. His assessments through prayer were then confirmed to him by a friend's clairvoyant dream, where he was able to find the location on a map. "Everything she said lined up. This place meets the criteria," Tierney said of a power generator plant near the Tigris River that he believes is actually a cover for a secret uranium facility. "

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