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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cough up some cash for the Rude Pundit

The always inflammatory, always hilarious Rude Pundit (see links) is fundraising for a live show at the New York Fringe Festival this summer. I don't know how much stage experience his Rudeness has, and I don't really care. He could come on stage and read his stuff in a stilted monotone and it would still be funnier than anything Jeff Foxworthy or Bob Saget has ever said in their lives.

He has set up a special site to fundraise (blow up dolls and Dick Cheney masks don't come cheap) and Ta Da! The Woodshed, by dint of our $5 contribution, has become the first sponsoring blog to be blogrolled - leading to many hits that satisfy the sitemeter monkey on my back. What with the traffic generated by His Glorious Ruditity and my mother reading the blog, The Woodshed ought to break the 2000 barrier in a matter of days, if not hours.

$5 is a small price to pay for the consistently entertaining Rude One to go berserk on stage. Hopefully there will be DVDs for those of us outside the New York area. So go toss him some change and watch him gambol, caper and fling feces at the powerful.

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