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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No monopoly on stupid
Christian creationists who insist that Darwin is nonesense and the cleave, uh...religiously to literal interpretations of the Bible are by no means confined to red states of U.S. or even North America. They say and do thing that many of us find odd or funny (like setting up creationist dinosaur parks) but are really at their most hilarious when they try to show "scientific proof"

"There will even be a week-long Family Creation Conference in tents at the Cefn Lea Christian Holiday Park near Newtown in mid-Wales, for which about 40 families have signed up, at which Mr Mackay will attempt to answer fundamental questions such as: Did bees sting before Adam sinned? Why would birds need to migrate in a good world? What would polar bears do in a world with no ice and what did great white sharks eat before Aussies went surfing?
The answers may seem obvious, but it is proof that even believers in the inerrancy of the Bible
feel the need to seek something scientific to bolster their case

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