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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rae makes splash in leadership race

Many Ontario voters would like to tell Bob Rae to "go jump in the lake" - Rick Mercer seems to have convinced him to do it.

Despite the picture scramble, I think this shows Rae has the balls to be Prime Minister - or at least that he is the candidate with nothing to hide. It also shows an admirable amount of humility and a sense of humor, things I want my PM to have.

And for Blogging Tories having this read to them: No, there is no double standard involved in the press virtually ignoring this while jumping on "Doris" Day for his arrival at his first press conference on a jet ski. Doris was trying to look cool in his wet suit at an official press conference and this was a joke for a comedy program. It's not even apples and oranges, it's more like rhinos and the national debt, or anthracite coal and sea water, or blogging tories and sane people -- you know, things that are completely different.

I think this and other similar stunts on the Mercer Report -- Rick skydiving with Gen. Hillier, going to Canadian Tire with Prime Minister Paul Martin etc etc -- show a key difference between Canada and most other nations. We refuse to let our leaders take themselves too seriously. Try to imagine George Bush going to the hardware store with Jon Stewart, or Dick Cheney hosting Saturday Night Live.


Scout said...

that was hilarious!!!! i think you're right about our ability to have fun, no matter the stripes.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I always liked Rae (although I preferred Dryden as leader because of the Ontario factor), but this makes me like him even more.

I can't believe what they're saying about this on the conservative blogs: "shame" and "morals" are recurring words. What a bunch of sanctimonious old farts. It's a serious world, we need to have some fun and if our elected officials can lead the way, great!