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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sweet Jesus
And they wonder why there is a problem with obesity in North America? As a bit of a lardass, I suppose I'm not in a great position to criticize, but "deep fried Coke"? Why not just take a bag of white sugar, roll it in bacon fat and graham cracker crumbs, deep fry it and inject it straight into your heart?


Scout said...

oh yuck!!!!! when i was in scotland about 6 years ago they had deep fried everything....hagis, mars bars, you name it. it was puky just looking at the stuff.

Anonymous said...

"inject it right into your heart" LOL, or better yet, roll it up in a deep fried twinkie, light it up and smoke it!

Seriously, it's the food but also the lack of exercise. In Toronto last week, I noticed at the malls they have special parking spots in the disabled parking area for "women with children". I mean, come on. Women and kids can't walk a little further? Idiotic.