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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The genius of Brian Mulroney
Admittedly this is not a phrase I ever expected to type, but this week I've been listening to the 2005 Massey Lectures on CBC podcasts and I have come to the realization that the appointment of Stephen Lewis as UN ambassador was a masterstroke. Because if he hadn't been distracted by the horrible problems of Africa at the UN and had stayed focused on Canadian politics, he'd have kicked Mulroney and John Turner's collective butts around the block and been Prime Minister for the last 10 or 15 years and probably the next 10 or 15. And we would all mourn his departure when he stepped down.

Certainly, both Canada and Africa would have been better off with him at the G8 meetings. Just listen to the lectures and tell me he wouldn't have been handed the Prime Minister's office by acclaimation after a 15 minute debate with Harper or Martin. Or Harper and Chretien. Or any other political combo in the last 20 years you might care to name. Christ, if he had gotten into federal politics back in the day, he'd have eaten Mulroney alive.He could have made Pierre Trudeau looked tongue-tied. He's been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world and not without very good reason.

If only he would come back to Canadian politics, I'd suggest that he would be one of the great PM's of all time, but I don't think he would take the step down from the UN. So let's make him the next Governor-General as a stepping stone to becoming UN Secretary-General


Anonymous said...

Arrgh! I just lost another comment. Sorry if this shows up twice.

I think that's a great idea. Stephen Lewis is the most intelligent public figure we've ever had (even more than P.E.T. who I adore). I listen to him speak at every opportunity. His dad was the same way, dazzlingly intelligent and an unbeatable debater.

Much as I'd love to see SL in politics, I think he's found his calling. But Gov-Gen to Sec-Gen of the UN... maybe! That'd be awesome.

Unknown said...

I too, loved Trudeau, but I think that Lewis is more cerebral than Trudeau was, and would never have invoked the war measures act. JJ, if you haven't heard Lewis's Massey Lectures, treat yourself to them even if you have to buy the damn things -- its worth it.

scout said...

interesting stepping stone, rev.....would that be what it would take, or are there other avenues for u.n. sec. gen.?

i think the smartest don't go into politics, or get out of them quick.

Unknown said...

Well, he could go back into federal politics and become foreign minister or PM - the Sec. Gen. is usually a former elected official from somewhere. I think he'd make a fantastic PM, but the GG's post is a bully pulpit too.

scout said...

hmmmmm......what about a senate appointment...think he''d go for that (this is iffin bob rae becomes lib leader and topples harper). MIND YOU, if we could get michaelle jean out of hte gg's role we'd be better off :)

Unknown said...

He'd be a natural for the Senate if Rae ever got into power - but I don't know if he'd take the job. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention - sometimes it's hard to get a lot of Canadian News here - but what is wrong with Michelle Jean? I thought she was a pretty good choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'd love to see Stephen Lewis as foreign minister. He's perfect for that role. As much as I'd love to see a PM Lewis, I doubt he'd even want the job. Gov-gen Lewis would make me happy, though.

I agree Lewis is more cerebral than Trudeau, and he definitely wouldn't have invoked the WMA. That's where Trudeau's arrogance came out when it was really Lewis's conciliatory ability that was needed. I'll check out the Massey lectures, listening to Lewis speak is like music to my ears. (Speaking of Massey, my ex-old man was a Massey, a fact he reminded me of at every opportunity:D)