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Friday, November 10, 2006

Let the trials begin

Depending which version of events you believe Donald Rumsfeld has resign or been fired in disgrace over the blazing clusterfuck that is the U.S. occupation of Iraq. He may have been pushed over the side to placate the Democrats in light of last week's electoral "thumping" they gave the Republicans. He may have quit to avoid the humiliation of a congressional investigation into just how badly he screwed up. He may be gone, but he is not forgotten

"And the war criminals must be brought to justice - beginning with Donald Rumsfeld. On November 14, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the National Lawyers Guild, and other organizations will ask the German federal prosecutor to initiate a criminal investigation into the war crimes of Rumsfeld and other Bush administration officials. Although Bush has immunized his team from prosecution in the International Criminal Court, they could be tried in any country under the well-established principle of universal jurisdiction."

And if not war crimes charges, then how about a civil suit for the wrongful deaths of about half a million Iraqis and three thousand Americans? Anyone for a criminal negligence suit? That ought to put a dent in Rummy's bank account.


Scout said...

aw gee, he'd had to give up his fancy-schmancy house in new mexico , amongst other things.

be interesting to see how the german thing plays out...i guess that's one country he won't be visiting, but as Q of north of center likes to point out, the u.s. did recently acquire thousands and thousands of acres in paraguay, and surmises this may be where they'll have to hide out if brought forth for war crimes.

Anonymous said...

Not only criminal negligence but dereliction of duty as secretary of defense. Mismanagement of war planning, failure to plan for an exit, lowballing the number of troops, failing to provide sufficient equipment for the troops... it goes on & on. Rumsfeld's been derelict in almost every aspect of his duties in this war.

Scout said...

well, maybe he's got haliburton shares.....if a war were over in a few months, where's the profit? :)

Anonymous said...

Could be he has Halliburton shares. He almost definitely has shares in Northrop Grumman, a weapons manufacturer he was employed by for a few years, and the more product they sell (as in war) the more valuable the shares -- war is good for business :(