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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Winning hearts and minds

"Thanks for the free exercise, G.I.! America is No.1!"
I bet these kids grow up to love America.
Five years ago that kid could have just turned on a tap in his kitchen.
Happy Thanksgiving America.


Bazz said...

That's just... sad. And they wonder why the insurgency hasn't gone away?

Unknown said...

what appals me even further is that these pea-brained bastards are proud enough of their taunting of starving kids to post it on Youtube. If I'd been in that Humvee, I'd have been tempted to throw that son of a bitch and his water bottle over the tailgate.

Anonymous said...

This just about had me in tears. Those poor kids... that poor little guy still running at the end... :(

And the soldiers were laughing about it? So this is some kind of entertainment for them, torturing little kids? SOBs. I'd have shoved that water bottle right up that guy's arse. Bastards. I still can't believe this.

Anonymous said...

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scout said...

sick fucking assholes.