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Monday, January 08, 2007

M-I-C (see you in court) K-E-Y (Why? because we're bastards) M-O-U-S-E
KSFO radio is a haven for bigots and hatemongers. Blogger Spocko has been waging a campaign to make the station's sponsors aware of what their advertising dollar is paying for. As a result, the owners of KSFO - ABC and Disney - are trying to use legal muscle to stomp Spocko. Have a look at the link to hear the kind of hateful crap being spewed on KSFO and ask yourself if they should even be permitted a broadcasting licence for the public airwaves. Is radio WKKK far behind? Even an old anti-Semite like Walt Disney would have drawn the line at this sort of crap.

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Anonymous said...

I read about this somewhere, and had a listen to these bozos. Yikes! I couldn't believe the garbage they were spouting.

Good on spocko -- his blog is back up now.