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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Please don't hit me with this olive branch

As regards the recent flame war that took place (mostly over at the Galloping Beaver) over my offhand use of a term (the fourth in George Carlin's infamous seven) sometimes used to describe the female genitalia and sometimes used to describe people who are dim, annoying and unpleasant, I would like to present this song by the brilliant Nellie McKay as a peace offering. Please, please, please listen to it in the tongue-in-cheek manner in which it is intended.


The Eternal Gaijin said...

Loved the original post, like the song. Definitely appreciate the original sentiment.
Sometimes you just have to say, What the fuck?

Chimera said...

LMAO! Thankee, thankee.

Still alive an' kickin', I see...

jj said...

Good one;)

David said...

Maybe you should send a spare helmet over to Tbogg's place.


pretty shaved ape said...

hey rev, just read through the long and tortured comments over at the sprinting water rodent. yikes. i have shied away from using that word, not because i think it is so very awful but because of the height of dudgeon it generates among the highly dudgeoned. given that our culture seems to revel in sexual innuendo, reference and mockery as pejorative, it seems a little like complaining that water is wet.

i knew what you meant and wasn't offeneded. had you pointed out an individual and called them that, i would see the offense. had you pointed at me and called me that, i'd have torn you one. but that's just me. i fear that some folks get up on their sparkling ponies of righteousness and there is no rainbow but their rainbow and if you don't immediately acknowledge their rainbow, then you obviously hate rainbows. i find that a sad way to go through life. i know more than a few very bitter and unhappy people who would have fit easily into that little flamefest.

anyhoo, i must say i'm not shocked to see that the fabulous jj isn't among the easily wounded. cheers all.