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Monday, December 17, 2007

And the winner is.....
Not me. But just the same, I'd like to thank the members of the academy, my producers, the writers, my parents, and of course a shout out to he who makes all things possible. And it really was an honor to be nominated. (scroll down, scroll waaaaaay down) Meanwhile, Me and my fellow ink-stained wretches led by heavy-hitter Cap'n Dave over at the Galloping Beaver came fourth. If only I haven't used the c-word back a few months ago, I'm sure we could have overtake the Canadian Cynic juggernaut. Congratulations to Lefty blog of the year POGGE and silver medalist April Reign. Just wait until next year!
Speaking of awards, the nominations are now open for the annual Canadian Blog Awards (hint, hint) and those of you who know your way around the Canadian blogosphere may smile at one of the early nominees for best humour blog.


jj said...

HST -- the extent to which he's influenced me, practically ever since I was old enough to hold a pen and write "batshit", can't be overestimated.

Congrats on your win as one of the inkstained wretches (and by proxy, your own blog), and keep up the good work, buddy.

the rev. said...

hell, JJ, you're the one who nominated me, so I had to return the favor. Besides which, if i am not mistaken, your traffic has caught fire since last year due to your exceptional work.
As to my reflected glory from the Galloping Beaver -- I'M sure my casual use of "stunned cunt" cost me the chick vote, but you know how those durned feministas are, always wanting the right to vote, get paid the same as men, and not have gentlemen open doors fer them.

do I need to put a snark/satire alert on this? I hope not