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Saturday, February 02, 2008

stairway to yeah yeah yeah

Okay PSA and CC, I'll see your classical Japanese Smoke on the Water (see last post) and raise you this:


David said...

Hey Rev,

Were you aware of the album "Stairways To Heaven"? 15 cover version of the song, including the Beatnix. I play it all my parties just to drive people insane.


pretty shaved ape said...

harr, so much brilliant!

David said...

And, may I humbly suggest Saturday Night Hay Fever?


As well, thanks for the kind words over at the Galloping Beaver blog.

the rev. said...

I don't have a video for it, but everyone should own a copy of Luther Wright and the Wrongs reworking of Pink Floyd's entire Wall album as a bluegrass opera. They toured it around Ontario about five or six years ago, playing the entire album live and building a wall on stage out of hay bales. You should own two copies, one to listen to and one to loan friends.

David said...

Thanks for reminding me about Luther Wright. I remember hearing the album, but of course I forgot to buy the durn thing.

Back in the day, I always knew a party was truly over when somebody would put on The Wall.