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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hitchens bitchslapped

One thing it can't do is give Christopher Hitchens any common sense or sufficient intestinal fortitude to at least back up his stupid posing and provocative behaviour. The short version of events is that Hitchens, while out on the town in Beruit, decided to deface a poster for what amounts to the Syrian Nazi Party, after being warned that these were not people to mess with. As luck would have it, a party goon happened to catch him in the act and there was an altercation. Hitchens being Hitchens is trying to make it sound like he heroically took a beating from cowardly evil thugs for bravely daring to stand up for freedom, but there appears to be another side to the the story.

"Even the one impressive detail first reported about the fight via Hitchens’ supporters–that he got stomped in the middle of the night, in a dark empty Beirut backalley, after getting famously drunk in a bar, fighting alone against a gang of Syran fascists–was an inversion of the truth, a very sad slapstick truth. In reality, Hitchens was stomped in broad daylight in a “posh shopping district” by a lone Syrian twerp fighting against Hitchens and two friends after they set him off."

Now, the other side of the story is based on this account on one of the least reliable dingbat wingnut sites, so take the details with an ocean-full of salt, but from the sounds of things, there was no brave standing-up-to-facism moment here, more like Hitchens' ego writing cheques his ass couldn't begin to cash.

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Chunklets said...

Hitchens' main mistake here was that he forgot to carve some sort of letter on his face before regaling the world with his tale of prowess at fisticuffs.