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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A tale of two murderous douche bags

Who wants to bet we hear a lot more about this horrible incident than we do about this horrible incident
The first is straight-up domestic violence carried to an extreme, but we will hear all about it because of the religious beliefs of the people involved. There will be no shortage of  ignorant loudmouths lining up to proclaim this "terrorism" and tell us it proves that "those people" are all bloodthirsty savages.
The second incident appears to be a backlash to domestic violence, normally somewhat newsworthy in and of itself, but one would have thought that the activities of the "victim" might have drawn a bit more attention. They certainly would have if  someone hadn't put him down like the rabid animal he appears to have been.

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David said...

Killed in Dec. 08? Put another tick in the "Bush keeps America safe" column. No attacks after 9/11 doncha know.

It really is too bad that he wasn't Muslim, because then they (mouthbreathers like Malkin) could have hailed the abused wife as a hero to women, and one-woman anti-terrorist squad. Good thing they had guns in the house. Gun control would have cause a terrorist attack.

There really is too much subtext and snark in that story, isn't there?