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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look away, Dixieland

I wonder how many people seen in this series of photos are also somewhere in this series of photos? I also wonder why anyone would celebrate a culture of ignorance, racism, intolerance and stupidity or a history of treason in defence of slavery, but then, I'm not from Dixie.


Shinigami Kayo said...

While I have no direct issue with those who celebrate their lack of sophistication, the KKK is just creepy. Not just for their beliefs but their fashion sense as well. I mean I look back on Black Panthers and say..funky outfits. But Hoodies, I mean really. If your going to be an outspoken racist, get with the times. What a charming photo of the little boy though getting what..his first hoodie with a dixie flag. His father must be proud.
I must confess I just don't grasp hate groups or their function like the KKK, But boy it must piss them off to have a black man in the White house.

dr kildare said...

'But boy it must piss them off to have a black man in the White house.'

too true.imagine if he was Jewish too.

the rev. paperboy said...

and undead!

Zombie Sammy Davis Jr. for President in 2012!!!

West End Bob said...

Having spent the majority of my adult life in Dixie the photos attest to the ignorance of a large segment of the population.

Not the entire population, but a large segment, indeed . . . .